Here a Tumblr dedicated to a flawless hero named Shahid Kapoor, who is probably one of the best of our era. Let him take your breathe away through our blog.
The blog owners are Melissa, Shekila and Sunniyah.

shahid kapoor in suit appreciation

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"Haider, mera inteqaam lena mere bhai se… Uski un dono aakh mei gooliyaan daagna, jin aakho se usne tumhari maa par fareb daale the."

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they are aware of it..

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Te sigo:), Amo tus frases & todo:)Me sigues¿¿ soy nueva en esta pagina =D


gracias i think lol???????

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actual angel

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shahid kapoor his inner desi dude, part two.

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icon pack with 56 (!!!!!!) shahid kapoor icons including mine

because of reaching a milestone. thank you all my lovely followers, i love you all so so so much and appreciate every little one of you. (◕‿◕✿)
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scruff, jaw and chest appreciation

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